NVQ 3 Teaching Assistant

NVQ 3 Teaching Assistant

The NVQ 3 Teaching Assistant is comprised of 6 mandatory units. These are: helping in keeping children safe; support the learning activities of pupils; promoting positive behaviour; developing and promoting behaviour; supporting and developing the effectiveness of teams; reflecting on and developing practice.

Among the many choices in optional units are: observing and promoting the performance and development of pupils, supporting the development of literacy and teaching and learning in the curriculum.

The optional Units in the NVQ 3 Teaching Assistant Course

The other optional units are: using information technology in supporting the way students learn; learning, delivering, planning, teaching, and evaluating the different learning activities through the supervision of a senior teacher; making contributions to the plans and evaluating the teaching and different learning activities; supporting development of numeracy; supporting development of literacy; supporting the curriculum for early years, supporting teaching in an environment conducive to learning; observing performance and development of students; contributing to learning assessments; preparing the learning environment and maintaining it; promoting outdoor activities to transfer learning from inside to an outside environment.

A Deeper Look into the NVQ 3 Teaching Assistant Course

The NVQ 3 Teaching Assistant is about tackling a large array of knowledge and technical skills in order to achieve and provide the needs of pupils in the primary and secondary levels, as well as schools for children with special needs. The course is for any aspiring applicant who is at the moment employed in any school as an assistant teacher. If you have acquired the relevant educational attainment, the NVQ level 3 is also applicable for bilingual support, pastoral support, and other special needs or educational needs. Level 3 is ideal for those who have completed the level 2 NVQ and have gained a significant amount of experience of at least 2 years in the work place. The key skills that are essential in becoming a teaching assistant are: supporting the learning activities of pupils, promoting teamwork, positive behaviour, and maintaining these behaviours. The subject areas that are covered in this course are: learning support, classroom assistant, and teaching assistant.
The NVQ 3 Teaching Assistant course aims at applicants who can carry out a wide variety of activities requiring the use of their technical skills and knowledge. The senior staff is responsible for holding the said activities for the applicants.

As requirements for entry, participants should have completed any level 2 qualification which is related to or equivalent to childcare or education, and must have a good GCSE standard in English, Math, or other equivalent courses.

For the NVQ 3 Teaching Assistant assessment, applicants will be observed in the work place, along with a portfolio that will serve as evidence that he or she is competent in accomplishing tasks that are designated to him or her. While there is no specific time frame for completing the course, the individuals have the flexibility to adjust their schedules and complete the course while currently being employed. After being qualified for the NVQ 3 Teaching Assistant, you are now eligible to apply as a teaching assistant, or a special needs assistant, or a learning support assistant.